ZIVA Phone Case (+Face Mask)
ZIVA Phone Case (+Face Mask)
ZIVA Phone Case (+Face Mask)
ZIVA Phone Case (+Face Mask)
ZIVA Phone Case (+Face Mask)

ZIVA Phone Case (+Face Mask)

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The ZIVA is an essential accessory for today’s active lifestyle. Built on X-Static technology, the ZIVA phone case provides a safe place for your phone and your face.

✅  RF Blocking

✅  EMF Blocking

✅  Antimicrobial Material

✅  Hidden Straps Turn it into a Face Mask

✅  Machine Washable

✅  Made in America

✅  Provides Funding for Local Non-Profits

While your phone is inside the ZIVA case the RF radiation from your phone is significantly reduced, yet your phone will still receive calls and texts.

The ZIVA is also equipped with hidden straps that allow it to be transformed into an antimicrobial face mask. The ZIVA is machine washable, made in America and every purchase provides funding for local non-profits.

The ZIVA is simply brilliant!

How it Works 

The primary principle behind X-STATIC Technology is the release of silver ions (Ag+). When you incorporate X-STATIC metalized fabric into face masks, these positively charged silver ions will be released in the presence of moisture (ex. respiratory moisture) and will act in several ways to inhibit and eliminate bacteria on the surface of the mask, protecting the mask from microbial impacts.


  • antimicrobial filter medium does not kill or eliminate viruses of any kind, it simply halts the growth.
  • Medical workers are encouraged to wear N-95 masks
  • Our masks follow (but do not exceed) CDC guidelines for masks. See here for CDC guidelines.

Case Dimensions: 6 1/8 x 4 inches

Fits most smart phones.

Made by Martz Technologies.

All Rights Reserved. (Patent Pending)

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