Buy Towels, Help People

"Thanks so much for your donation of towels to our YMCA. The towels are wonderful! Everything a great towel should be - soft and fresh, large and luxurious. They feel great to use and stay smelling fresh just like you promise. They are a HUGE hit! ............. " Nick Pajovich, CEO Berwick Area YMCA

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ionic+ Antimicrobial Towels

Keep your poolside towels fresh longer!

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Buy Towels, Help People!

Our Beyond Violence residents love their Clean PA towels.. Samantha Scoblink, Beyond Violence. Berwick PA

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Perfect for boating !

"We cannot be more happy with these towels! We brought these towels on a two week sailing trip and they exceeded our expectations. The towels did not hold any odor." Eric B.

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ionic+ Hand Towels

Self-cleaning for the little hands in the kitchen and bath

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Powerfully Antimicrobial!

"My wife and I have purchased products from you in the past and were happy with the quality and your company's mission. We recently purchased (4) Navy towels for use on our sailboat. We have a hard time keeping towels on our boat because nothing ever dries completely, and we wind up with musty smelling towels. We purchased these towels because of the antimicrobial properties. We can not be more happy with these towels! We brought these towels on a two week sailing trip, and they exceeded our expectations. Used daily for drying off after showers and hung to dry. After the first week we downgraded the towels to dry the dog. Happily the towels dried well and did not hold any odor. We will be purchasing more in the future." Eric B

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Amazing sale prices on Antimicrobial Face Masks for the Family


Assorted X-Static Face Masks


EMI/RF Shielded Bedding

Custom Quilts and Bedding with advanced EMI/RF shielding built in

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Ionic+ Antimicrobial Pillow Case

Self-cleaning pillow case that works while you sleep.


Our Beyond Violence residents love their Clean PA towels. When they flee their domestic violence situation and arrive at the shelter, one of the first things they want to do is take a shower. Being able to wrap themselves in such a soft durable towel makes the world of difference to the families staying with us. Samantha (Beyond Violence, Berwick PA)