The God Picture

The God Picture

The God Picture
3,500 years ago, God and His servant Moses had an intense conversation in the Sinai desert. In this conversation God told Moses His proper name, even writing it down on stone tablets in the ancient pictographic script of the era. After a recent pilgrimage to Israel, the author realized there is, without a doubt, far more to God’s name than the twenty-first-century Church realizes.

In The God Picture, the author methodically walks the reader through the most astounding revelation of his life:

God’s name in its original format is nothing less than an entire systematic theology in a simple picture.

In The God Picture you will find:

  • A strong, persuasive answer to “What is the gospel?”
  • A simple theology you can stand on and easily share.
  • A straightforward yet profound explanation of the Trinity.
  • The love of God on a much deeper level.
  • An understanding of the person of Jesus Christ in a new and exciting way.

Concealed in plain sight for thousands of years, the proper name of God provides a simple yet profound depth of understanding of the gospel, the doctrine of divine adoption, The Holy Trinity, and God’s immense love for humanity. The God Picture is a must-read for anyone who is fascinated by the ancient mysteries of the Word of God,
and wants to deepen their relationship with Him.